What is this site?
     Have you ever been googleing something, and you see exactly what you need in the preview, but when you click the link it doesnt show you what you want to see?
     This is because the owners of the site are trying to trick you into buying something, or registering. It's a common tactic on the internet. When Google visits the site, it gives something called a "Header". This header tells the site who the visitor is. Google's header is "Googlebot". The programmers of the site check to see if the header says "Googlebot", and if it does, it opens up all of its content for only googles eyes.
     Now, all we have to do is trick the site's headers, into thinking that we ARE google. That's what this site does. See the How to use box to the right for instructions on usage

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Be The Bot
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How to use
1) First, find the URL of the site you want to visit. It can be found in the "Address" bar of your internet explorer.
2) Copy the URL to the clipboard, you can do so by holding down Ctrl, and pressing C. Or right click, and select Copy.
3) Paste the URL in "Enter URL" box above. DO so by holding down Ctrl, and pressinv V. Or right click and paste.
3) Click Go, and you're all set.