1.  What’s In A Name – Due to restrictions where businesses own the rights to their company name, you have to make certain that somewhere in your county or state, someone else isn’t operating on the name you want to do business under.

2.  Preparing Your Articles of Incorporation – The Articles of Incorporation are the documents you need to file with the state to register as a formal corporate entity. You might also know it as the “Charter,” the “Articles of Association,” or the “Certificate of Incorporation,” depending on which state you live in.

3.  Sample Articles of Incorporation – Precedent Articles of Incorporation that you can use as a template.

4.  Additional Paperwork – If there are multiple shareholders, then you may need to create a shareholder agreement. This will explain what happens if the parties disagree and should be drawn up by an attorney to ensure all parties are equally protected.

5.  Supplies To Get You Going – As a corporation, there are certain items you’ll need to do business. Because you’ll be keeping corporate records, for legal reasons, you’ll need to be equipped with the right tools.

6.  Opening A Business Bank Account – In order to open a corporate bank account, you’ll need to show the banking institution a copy of your Articles of Incorporation. They will also need to know Your EIN, and may even request to see your business license.

7.  Other Required Licenses – Depending on the state, county, and city you live in, you might also be required to obtain other licenses. If your company operates in multiple cities, then you might need a license for each one.