Ultimate List of Landing Page Articles

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By Lyndon Antcliff

Don’t Use NoFollow

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Loren Baker calls attention to the dangers of using NoFollow to links on your site.  Quite correctly, he points out that using NoFollow for instance to your contact page is telling Google that you don’t trust yourself.  And if you don’t trust yourself, why should Google trust you?

I’d take this point one step further and say you should not use “nofollow” except where it “naturally” occurs, such as on blog comments.

Putting my tin foil hat on, I wouldn’t be surprised if using NoFollow alerts Google to the fact that a site has been heavily SEO’d. 

If your site is SEO related, I guess that doesn’t matter, but for your ordinary websites I’d avoid it like the plague.  Don’t raise a flag with Google if you can help it.

Keeping NoFollow off websites just keeps your website a little lower on the radar.


Sex Lives of SEOs – The Inside Scoop

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IMG_8627.jpg[Note: links are all safe for work]

We all know that there are lots of sexy SEOs and even some sex goddesses, but what do you really know about the sex lives of SEOs? Well, here’s the inside scoop:

1. Screwing. You might think that with their quiet lives sitting in front of a computer all day, SEOs don’t get much action. But nothing could be further from the truth — SEOs get screwed a lot – especially by Google.

2. Masturbating. You’re not a good SEO unless you’re a good master baiter. A master baiter is not to be confused with a wanker.

3. Hand Jobs. Sometimes masturbating just isn’t fulfilling. After all, why do it yourself when you can have someone do it for you. Although they deny it, Google is thought to give hand jobs from time to time.

4. Circle Jerk. Circle jerks can be better. You might even end up in an accidental foursome.

5. Prostitution. Some SEOs resort to online prostitution. There are many types of online prostitutes: link whores, comment whores and even social marketing whores.

6. Safe Sex. With all of this sex going on, you’d think that SEOs would practice safe sex. However, in the SEO community, condoms are frowned upon.

7. Porn. Of course the safest sex is to watch it rather than do it. Randfish kindly offers cheating wives and upskirt videos on his blog. Or, you may simply want to see Britney Spears naked or Vanessa Fox nude.