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The machinery (machine) industry is that which manufactures and maintains machines for consumers, the industry, and other companies. Manufacturers of machines may also be known as machine factories.

These are the companies that make the machines that make the products, not the companies that make the products. For example, American-Newlong produces paper bag machines that produce paper bags, while McDonough Manufacturing Company builds sawmill machinery that can be used to make lumber out of logs, and Airwolf 3D manufactures industrial SD printers that are used to make several other products.

Companies that design and build the industrial robots that are so often used in manufacturing today would also be appropriate for this portion of our guide. Examples might include Boston Dynamics, DENSO Robotics, Mitsubishi Electric, and ST Robotics.

The machinery industry itself is a major customer of the steel industry.

The production of industrial machines varies from single-unit production to series production, to mass production. Single-unit production usually involves the building of unique production machines that are manufactured to specific customer requirements. Where the demand is not singular, these machines might also be manufactured in small series, thus reducing production costs. Where the demand is high, and where practical, production machinery might be mass-produced.

Although simple machines far preceded this time, the machinery industry came into existence during the Industrial Revolution. These companies grew out of iron foundries, forges, shipyards, and repair shops. Prior to this period, there were a variety of machines, but they tended to be built in artisan shops for a local market and were produced on a much smaller scale, usually by hand or with simple tools.

The Industrial Revolution led to the use of composite tools with more complex construction, such as steam engines and steam generators that were used for the evolving industry, and for transport. Machine factories began producing machines for production facilities, such as agricultural machinery, textile machinery, and engines.

Today, the industrial machinery industry is indispensable to the provision of logistics and infrastructure services, producing everything from tools and heavy equipment needed for construction and mining industries to the machines necessary for energy production and distribution. Industrial machines are used in the manufacture of aircraft, ships, and other vehicles.

Over the years, the progression of technology has concentrated on improving manufacturing speed, quality, and quantity, thus enhancing productivity and profitability.

While handcrafted products can still be found, every sector of the manufacturing industry has become dependent upon machine-assisted work. Assembly lines allow parts to move from one area of the factory to another, while robots and robot-assisted machinery are increasingly used, often replacing the human component in manufacturing.

Manufacturers of production machinery are the focus of this portion of our guide.



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