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Sometimes known as trade fairs, trade exhibitions, or expos, trade shows are exhibitions organized for the purpose of allowing companies and businesses in a specific industry to highlight and demonstrate latest products and services, to facilitate networking opportunities with industry partners and clients, to view the products and activities of competitors, and to become apprised of recent market trends. Some trade shows serve a dual purpose of introducing new problems to the consumer market and allowing company representatives to interact with customers, but others are open only to company representatives, and perhaps members of the press. Therefore, trade shows are classified as either public or trade only. It is believed that trade shows began in Europe during the late medieval period, when producers began visiting towns for trading fairs, where they could showcase and sell their products. With the Industrial revolution of the late 18th century, industrial exhibitions became common in Europe and North America, and by the 20th centuries, specialized companies were formed for the sole purpose of managing the growing trade show industry, and permanent trade show grounds and convention centers were built to provide venues for large trade expos, and larger cities began vying for such venues as a means of economic development. The World AG Expo and Conexpo/Conagg are the two largest shows, by square footage. By attendance, four of the five largest trade shows are auto shows. Trade shows and exhibitions became common throughout Asia in the 21st century, with China dominating the industry. In recent years, virtual tradeshows have are occurring online, largely because they greatly decrease the expenses incurred by participating industries.


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