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This portion of our web guide focuses on the real estate industry, including agents, brokers, agencies, and brokerages, whether dealing in residential, commercial, or investment properties.

Real estate development, property management, appraisals, professional real estate associations, industry publications, real estate marketing, and real estate education and training are also appropriate for this section of the guide.

The Real Estate Dictionary defines real estate as land and everything more or less attached to it. The real estate industry concerns the activities concerned with ownership and use transfers of physical property.

Although accountants, attorneys, and government regulators are engaged in aspects of the real estate industry, they are also involved in several other sectors. While an accountant or attorney who specializes in real estate accounting or real estate law could be listed in this category as well, they should also be listed in our Finance & Investment, Legal Professions, or the applicable section within our Local & Global categories. Mortgage companies and other mortgage lenders could be listed here, but the Finance & Investment category or the Local & Global category that corresponds to the geographical location of the business would be more appropriate.

Positions within the real estate industry include closing agents, commercial property managers, escrow officers, foreclosure specialists, lease administrators, leasing agents, leasing consultants, leasing managers, mortgage brokers, mortgage processors, property developers, property managers, real estate agents, real estate appraisers, real estate associates, real estate brokers, real estate clerks, real estate counselors, real estate managers, real estate salespeople, Realtists, Realtors, surveyors, title examiners, and probably some others.

The main segments of the real estate industry are residential, commercial, industrial, and investment real estate.

The residential sector involves the buying and selling of properties used for homes or other non-professional purposes. This sector includes single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, housing developments, and others.

As the name implies, commercial real estate consists of that used for business purposes other than industrial. These may include retail stores or malls, office buildings, medical facilities, hotels, storage spaces, garages, and others.

Industrial real estate, such as factories, plants, and warehouses, is used for manufacturing and production.

Investment real estate is that which is purchased for land speculation reasons, either in the hopes of reselling it later at a profit or for rental income. Investment real estate can provide opportunities for investors to build their wealth, generate income, and diversify their portfolios.

Real estate refers to real or physical property that can include land, buildings, air rights above the land, and underground rights below the land. The real estate industry refers to the businesses involved in producing, buying, and selling real estate property. Often referred to as real property, real estate is the land, plus tangible improvements that might be installed on the land. This might refer to a building or something that has been built into the ground, such as a septic system. When the land lacks buildings or other tangible improvements, it is known as unimproved land or as undeveloped property.

The focus of this category (and its subcategories) is on the real estate industry. Online resources relating to the industry may be listed here, although local resources would more appropriately be listed in the Local & Global category that corresponds to the location of the real estate entity. Those involving the real estate industry in general, such as associations and organizations representing the industry, international real state businesses, or large national businesses, may be located here and in the Local & Global category corresponding to its headquarters.


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