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The focus of this category is on specific BBSes, particularly those that are still available today.

I am well aware of the redundancy in saying BBS Systems. Since the "S" in "BBS" stands for "System," I am referring to them as Bulletin Board System Systems, which sounds a bit strange, but when I was a SysOp pretty much everyone referred to the BBSes as BBS Systems, and as long as I don't use the acronym, it doesn't sound so weird. While I am on the topic of grammar, let me say that I think that the grammatically correct plural of BBS is BBSs, and I do see it written that way sometimes, but more often I see BBSes, so I'll go with that.

There is a tendency among many people to refer to computer bulletin board systems in the past tense. I find myself doing that sometimes because, of course, the heyday of the BBS was in the 1980s and 1990s. That is when I ran my own BBS and ran up telephone bills that ranged as high as $500 a month connecting to long-distance hubs and to BBSes all over the country.

However, there are hundreds of BBSes still in operation today, and new BBS software is still being developed, so the BBS is not dead.

I loved BBSing, and probably wouldn't have shut my Newberry BBS down when I did, in the mid-1990s, except that I had accepted a job in an area where DSL was not yet available and the quality of the telephone lines didn't even support dialup. Most of my regular callers had abandoned the BBS for the Internet, so I let it go, but I have missed it ever since.

The primary purpose of this category is to list BBS systems that you can still connect to today. Some of these BBSes are still dialup BBSes, and I do not mean to imply any negativity in this, but others may offer Telnet connections or Telnet via your web browser, and some of these still offer dialup options.

However, in this directory we can list only those BBSes that have a web address. In other words, we cannot list those with only a Telnet address. As there are a lot of great BBS systems that do not have a web presence, we will also be listing sites that include directories that list dialup and Telnet BBSes even though they do not have a website. You will find these in the parent category to this one.

In 2017, PC Magazine published an article on seven BBSes that they considered worth joining. They chose to include Particles BBS, Heatwave BBS, A 80s Apple II BBS, Piranha: Under the Black Flag, Level 29, Dura-Europas, and The Cave BBS. I have been able to find web addresses for only two of these, Particles BBS and Level 29, although I have found web references to some of the others. There is a website for The Cave BBS, but it is for a BBS by that name that closed in 1998.

If your BBS has a website, you are invited to submit your site for inclusion in this category.



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