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A mobile video arcade is pretty much like it sounds like it would be. Generally housed in a trailer, they are arcade rooms on wheels.

Engaged for birthday celebrations, bar or bat mitzvahs, graduation parties, family reunions, holidays, church or school events, fundraisers, corporate events, community fairs, festivals, or other occasions, mobile arcades are available in several configurations.

Most of them are self-powered, although some will require access to a power outlet. They can seat from twelve to twenty-four players inside, usually. Some of them include stadium seating, while others use gaming couches or other seating arrangements. Game coaches are sometimes available to familiarize players with the gameplay.

Gaming arrangements gaming couches for up to twenty-four players in some, to custom studio seats with vibration motors synced to the game action in others.

Some mobile arcades include from four to six large-screen HDTVs inside, as well as a couple of outside screens and game terminals. Another features a 55-inch HDTV in the action area, allowing up to twenty players to play against one another in the same game or to play up to five separate games at the same time.

Most mobile arcades feature modern games on modern equipment with a focus on multiplayer games, but others offer a retro arcade experience, with classic game arcade consoles and games, some even including pinball games. Still, others offer a mobile virtual reality experience.

Many of these mobile businesses offer other activities, as well. As well as the inside gaming area, some include an outdoor movie theater. Others offer a variety of options, such as laser tag, water tag, bumper balls, a laser maze, dunk tank, bounce house, and an interactive photo booth.

For larger groups, mobile arcade companies can often send more than one mobile arcade to the same location.



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