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Online forums and discussions relating to computer video games are the focus of topics in this category.

There are four basic types of video game forums, each serving a distinct purpose. Representing the majority of these are those developed by gamers for gamers, where gamers come together to discuss their favorite games, trade tips and socialize. These may be intended for players of one specific game, a game genre, or gaming in general. A second type of game forum is one in which various games are played within the forum, although in-forum gameplay is usually just a part a forum that has a larger purpose. Another type of video game forum is intended for game developers, where issues of game development are discussed, including coding issues, game development engines, and game platforms. Lastly, there are the support forums, often sponsored by the game publishers or developers, although many of these are not stand-alone forum sites, but are part of a larger site.

Subcategories for these different types of video game forums will be created if there are enough site listings to warrant it.

As with any other online discussion forum, most video game forums require registration and login in order to participate in forum discussions. Membership may or may not require the payment of a fee.

Online forums whose chief topics relate to computer or video games or gaming may be submitted to this category or subcategory, whichever is the most appropriate.



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