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Video game design and creation describes the process of designing and completing a game, but not the publishing and distribution of a finished product.

Although most commercially successful video games on the market today were created by teams of people employed directly or indirectly by a video game publishing company, some games are designed and created by individuals or small groups of individuals.

If you look at the credits for most popular video games, you will find that hundreds of people are involved with the various aspects of the game, from design to publishing.

Designing a video game is not a simple task, nor is it likely to be a short one but, with the growth of game development engines and tools, it can be done. Thanks to modern game creation software, programming skills may not even be necessary.

Axiom Verge was created as an independent project by a single author, Tom Happ. He was the sole designer, artist, and developer, and it was published by Thomas Happ Games, but it took him seven years.

The city-building strategy game, Banished, was created entirely by Luke Hodorowicz, and published through Shining Rock Software, a sole proprietorship owned by Hodorowicz. He estimated that he had put in more than 5,500 hours into the project.

Dust: An Elysian Trail is a role-playing action game created and developed by Dean Dodrill, although he outsourced the voice acting and soundtrack. The project cost him three and a half years, but it was published by Microsoft Studios in 2012 and has now been ported to several platforms.

Lone Survivor, a post-apocalyptic video game with 2D graphics, with multiple endings, was created entirely by Superflat Games, a one-man company owned by Jasper Byrne.

You get the idea. While most commercial video games are produced by large teams of people, it can be accomplished by one person, but only if he's willing to do a whole lot of work.

Among the things that go into creating a video game, first you need to come up with an idea. Most games tell a story. For some game genres, such as action games, the story doesn't need to be complex, but it needs to be there. What is the setting of the game going to be? Most game authors establish a flowchart of the game's action.

You should probably decide, early on, which genre your game is going to be created for, as this may help you determine the platform you'll be writing it for, as well as your video game software choices.

Unless you are familiar with a suitable programming language, you will probably employ one of several options that are available in-game creation software, some of which are free. Game engines include but are not at all limited to, Bloxels EDU, Buildbox, Creation Engine, CryEngine, Enigma Engine, Gamemaker Studio, GameSalad, Godot Engine, PlayCanvas, RPG Maker, Source, Stencyl, Unity, Unreal Engine, and Xenko. Of these, the Unity Game engine is responsible for approximately half of the commercial video games that were introduced in the past couple of years.

Created by Unity Technologies, the cross-platform game engine will support more than twenty-five platforms, and has been used to create games using 2D, 3D, virtual reality, and augmented reality, as well as simulations.

Unlike most of the others, Gamemaker Studio does not require the user to learn a programming language. However, there are greater limitations on what can be accomplished.

Godot is a free and open-source engine used for making both 2D and 3D games.

There are several others to choose from, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and costs. Whichever you choose, you will need to learn the software before you can complete your game.

Several choices are listed below, and others may be submitted for consideration. Websites representing any game engine or another piece of software intended to facilitate the creation of a video game would be appropriate for this category, as would sites offering tutorials or guides to designing or creating video games.



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