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Video games that a single-player can access online are the focus of topics in this category.

Online games, of course, are those that do not have to be downloaded or installed on the player's computer, but which can be played through a web browser or through a browser plugin. Browser games have been created for all genres of video games and can be single-player or multiplayer. This category is for those which are single-player.

Single-player browser games are most often free to play or can be accessed through an inexpensive subscription that includes several titles. They do not require client software other than a web browser or a browser plugin.

Advantages to browser games is that they can be accessed from multiple devices, web browsers, and operating systems. Because they are isolated from the hardware, they can be run on several different operating systems without having to be ported to each platform. Thus, a browser game created by someone using a Windows machine can usually be played online by someone accessing the Internet through a Mac or Linux machine.

One of the first methods used to create online games was through FutureWave, which became Macromedia Flash, and is now known as Adobe Flash. Although there are several Flash games online, and new ones being created, Adobe Flash is considered to be a deprecated platform, replaced by HTML 5. Adobe has announced the discontinuance of Flash in 2020. Nevertheless, thousands of Flash games have been archived, and they will continue to be available long past that date.

Another early method, still in use, are Java multiplayer games. Browser games in other format continue to be produced, and are popular, such as HTML 5, WebGL, and WebAssembly. Additionally, HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript can be used to create browser games, although these methods are rarely used due to issues with browser incompatibility.

Whatever method used, single-player video games that can be played online are the focus of this category.



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