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The focus of this category is on video game magazines, including online publications and game review sites.

Game review sites are listed in this category only when the primary purpose of the site is to review video games. When the main purpose of the site is to sell games, then it should be listed in the Retailers & Resellers category. Likewise, when the site is primarily a gamers discussion forum, it should be listed in the Forums & Discussions category, and when it mostly offers video game cheats, codes, and guides to gameplay, then it should be submitted to the Cheats, Codes & Guides category.

Game review sites usually list information about the game, such as the developer, publisher, which platforms the game was developed for, and where it can be found. There will usually be a narrative about the gameplay that offers insights into the pros and cons of the game, from the reviewer's perspective, and there is nearly always a rating, either a numerical rating, a letter grade, or a star rating. Some reviews rate various aspects of the game, as well as assigning an overall rating to the game.

Video game magazines are generally published in print as well as online, although ezines with a focus on video gaming would be appropriate for this category, as well. However, general entertainment publications, in which video games are only a part of the content, should be listed in a more general category, probably in the Arts & Literature category.

Video game magazines are focused on the video game industry, gamer culture, or both.

The first video game magazine was Play Meter, originally published as Coin Industry Play Meter, which was a US trade magazine that covered the coin-operated video arcade industry. First published in December of 1974, the monthly magazine was in publication until June of 2018. Founded by arcade operator Ralph C. Lally II, the magazine ceased publication when Lally retired.

In the 2000s, the popularity of print-based magazines waned, giving rise to web-based publications.



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