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The focus of this category is on information and resources relating to training in online advertising and marketing.

While many businesses are content to outsource their online advertising campaigns with one of several companies that do that professionally, others might prefer to do this in-house. However, marketing via the Internet differs from traditional advertising in many ways, particularly due to the evolving technologies so those wanting to keep it in-house will have some homework to do.

There are several online resources that might serve to get someone started, and there are also books that are available in digital or paper format, as well as formal courses that one can enroll in, online or in a classroom.

For example, Mancosa Executive Education offers online courses in digital marketing, including courses in Digital Marketing Certified Associate Training, Digital Marketing Online Course for Beginners, Learn Mobile Marketing Certification, Advanced Social Media Marketing Course, Foundation Social Media Marketing Online Course, Facebook Marketing and Advertising Course, and YouTube Advanced Advertising Course.

The Guerrilla Marketing Association offers five-day courses at various places around the country on topics that include Internet sales and marketing, as well as several books on online marketing topics.

The JM Internet Group offers online training courses, as well as classroom training at its facilities in San Jose, California. There are others, as well, including the Digital Marketing Institute, which offers certificate courses for digital marketers and sellers.

These, and other topics relating to education and training in online advertising and marketing, are the focus of this category.



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