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The focus of this category is on article directories, which are like web directories only they publish articles rather than website listings.

An article directory is a website that contains collections of articles about a variety of topics, differing from blogs or online magazines in that they accept new articles from contributors in a manner similar to that in which website owners might submit a link to their site to a web directory.

Some article directories are general in nature, accepting articles in a wide variety of topics, while others are more specific, covering a more narrow subject area.

Article directory scripts are available, similar to that of web directory scripts. In fact, some directory scripts can be used as article directory scripts as well, or as add-ons, and others are available from companies that also produce web directory scripts. Typically, submitted articles are from 400-500 words, although article directory administrators may allow fewer or a greater number of words. Some article directories will include a WYSIWYG editor for the purpose of writing and submitting articles. Usually, an author box is provided for personal information about the author, as well as a link to the author's website.

Generally, the author's purpose for submitting an article is for the link back to his website, but that is not necessarily the case. Some directories pay authors for their submissions, while others request payment from the submitter.

Categories or tags are often used to organize articles into subject areas, and the facilitate spidering by search engines since both tags and categories serve as keywords to identify the topics that are covered in the article.

Well managed article directories will require that submitted articles be unique, and not published elsewhere or spun, and will employ staff to review new submissions before publication. In such cases, there may be a waiting period before new articles are published to the site. This helps to reduce the likelihood of poor quality articles, duplicate articles or spun articles, as well as spam submissions.

Years ago, many article directories were set up for the sole purpose of article marketing, accepting submissions without oversight, and often for a charge. Others were encouraged to use these articles on their own websites, thus creating numerous, but low-quality, backlinks for the clients of article marketers, who often submitted poorly written, spun content, to numerous article directories, often with embedded links using anchor text. Article directories filled with such low-quality articles are known as content farms.

With the Google Penguin release of 2012, the search engine began penalizing sites that depended too highly on such directories. This led to a popular misconception that article directories are dangerous to SEO-conscious businesses and website owners. The truth is that the issue was not with the article directory industry, but with the lack of editorial oversight in many of them. A reputable article directory will not accept every article that is submitted but require that articles be well written and include content that is both useful and unique. Well-managed article directories are considered authority sites and are frequently crawled by search engine spiders.



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