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This is a guide to web directory resources, which may include directory software or scripts, businesses that focus on designing web directories, or other resources.

Web directories differ from search engines in that directories list sites by category and subcategory rather than displaying them through a keyword search, and the category choice is generally based on the overall content of the site rather than a single page. Although directories are usually indexed by search engines, their content is designed to be accessed by humans.

The first directories were hand-coded by individuals assembling collections of links, and some smaller directories still are, the vast majority of web directories are operated on a backbone of a variety of directory scripts or software that has been designed, or adapted, for that purpose. Blogging software, such as WordPress, have also been adapted for the creation of web directories.

Web directory scripts usually include an administrative area where directory administrators can create categories and subcategories, approve, modify, or decline submitted listings, and perform other tasks required in the administration of a directory. Some allow for varying degrees of access and permissions, allowing directory staff to perform various tasks without having full access to administrative functions, and most will allow webmasters and marketers to submit sites for inclusion in the directory, either for a fee or for free.

Some directory scripts are open source, or free for use by anyone, while others require payment for the licensure of the software. Most directory scripts include preconfigured themes or templates that directory administrators can select from, although these are more limited in some scripts than in others. However, most directory operators will opt to modify the directory in a variety of ways, altering not only its appearance but its functions.

Some web designers or individuals have chosen to specialize in the modification or design of specific web directory scripts, offering this as a service to directory administrators who may not be as proficient in these tasks. Additionally, directory owners and others who have become sufficiently familiar with the software will sometimes offer third-party templates or themes for specific directory scripts, either for free or for sale.

Other online businesses offer fully-hosted web directories on a monthly or annual payment basis. Although these tend to be pricey, the use of such a program relieves directory administrators of the more technical aspects of the directory, allowing them to focus on building and promoting their directories.

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