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This is a guide to general web directories, as opposed to article directories, blog directories, or other niche directories.

A directory is not a search engine, although many directories include a search field, and some search engines include directories. Search engines display lists of sites based on keywords or key phrases entered into the search field, while web directories organize sites into categories and subcategories. Web directory listings were initially intended to be found by human beings rather than by search engine spiders, although many people submit their sites to directories in order to improve their site's ranking in the search engine results pages.

Some web directories are focused on specific geographic locations, such as a country, a state, or a city, arranging listings according to where they are located. Others, which are focused on topics, may include forum directories, blog directories, shopping directories, church directories, or other niche directories.

Other directories are more general in scope, listing websites whose topics span a wide range of topics or geographic areas. Known as general web directories, these are the focus of the topics listed in this category. Some general directories may limit their scope to sites within a particular country or continent, but arrange listed sites into topical rather than geographic categories.

As an example, the Aviva Directory is a general web directory.



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