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This is a guide to social media search engines, which are enhanced versions of search engines combining the traditional, algorithm-driven technology with online community filtering.

Social media search engines search largely on user-generated content like news, photos or other images, news, online forums, and social media platforms like Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Successful social media search engine algorithms consider not only the relevance between a search query and the keywords on a social media page, but also the social relationships between the searcher and the results. In other words, where the information is available, social media interactions from people who work for the same company, belong to the same social group, or attend the same school as the searcher will be taken into account when the algorithm considers the relevance of search results.

Other things that might be taken into account include shared bookmarks, the tagging of content with descriptive labels. Social media searches will consider content that was created or touched by other users in the same social graph as the person making the query, which depicts the personal relationships of Internet users.

Depending on the policies of a specific search engine, these results will be saved and added to the community search results, improving the relevance of results in subsequent queries. The idea is that the consideration of social interactions and relationships would result in more relevant responses for the user than computer algorithms alone.

The focus of this category is on social media search engines.



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