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Social bookmarking and curation is an online website in which registered users can add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web pages and online documents. People join and participate in these networks in order to discover, save, share, and discuss trending online content and media.

Content curation sites are a form of bookmarking in which users share articles and textual content.

Web browsers include a feature that allows users to bookmark web pages that they may want to revisit. Social bookmarking is named for this feature, in that it allows users to save such pages on the Internet for future use, as well as to share them with a friend, with a group, or display them as a public recommendation.

Most bookmarking sites will allow users to categorize web pages, images, videos, and audio files that they have bookmarked through the use of tags. The tags of an individual user are then compiled together to create a searchable classification system known as a folksonomy.

Most bookmarking sites allow users to vote on content bookmarked by other users, to comment on them, or to re-share the web documents.

Other names for social bookmarking include collaborative tagging, folksonomy, social classification, social indexing, and social tagging.

There are several advantages to the system, one of them being its most obvious purpose. People often revisit the same sites on the Internet and bookmarking allows them to easily locate these sites, with no need to memorize the domain name or URL. When a page is saved on an online bookmarking site, it can be easily accessed regardless of which computer the user is on. Sharing bookmarks with other users helps all parties to discover new content on subjects they have an interest in.

Of course, these networks can also be effective in driving brand awareness, search engine optimization, and web traffic. Being listed on social bookmarking sites can drive targeted traffic to a website, and search engines often index the pages of these sites. Additionally, since they serve as recommendations, being tagged on one network can lead to people tagging a site on other networks.

Some social bookmarking sites are free, while others charge a premium.



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