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Social community networks are social networks in which its members hold something in common, whether it be a mutual interest, religion, ethnicity, geographical location, or another common variable.

These communities tend to be people who share a common interest, which might be a love of reading, or of railroads, a specific hobby, or something else. Common interest networks differ from Facebook in that, while Facebook is focused on personal relationships, the focus of a common interest network is one thing that its users have in common. Through a network of friends, Facebook users are often confronted with new interests, while a community network enables its users to express their interests in new ways, and to engage with others whom they don't know, but who they have something in common with.

In some cases, they consist of people who share a common identity, such as an ethnicity or place of birth. Other communities may serve recovering alcoholics, victims of abuse, or cancer survivors.

In a community network, people who may never meet can nevertheless identify with one another by experiences or interests that they have in common, whether it be fashion, travel, or the love of cats.

Whatever the commonality, social networks that are based on a common interest or another variable are appropriate for this category unless another category is more specific.



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