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Social gaming networks feature multi-player games with a strong social context. In most cases, online social games are built around rewarding players for effectively using social skills.

Social gaming networks may include several games or they might be centered around a single game. Social games often, but not always, enable users to take turns, given that they are played with another person. In a social game, users are aware of the actions taken by other players, as this not only adds interest to the game, but it encourages interactions with other players.

Social gaming networks are based on a social network platform, and the games are multi-player games because, of course, there is nothing social in solitaire. The games played in a gaming network might be as simple as tic-tac-toe, between two players, or as complex as a virtual reality game involving hundreds or thousands of players.

While not strictly gaming networks, for the purpose of categorization, social networks focused on video gaming may be included in this category as well, even when they don't support online gaming within the network. However, video game retail sites without the elements of a social network should be submitted to the Video Games category.

Whatever the format, social networks built around gameplay are appropriate for this category.



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