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Also known as media sharing networks, video and photo sharing networks allow registered members to upload their photos, video, and audio to the network, where they can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Some networking sites allow uploaded content to be placed on other websites through embedding, in which a snippet of code is used to make the media appear as if it is on the new website. For example, YouTube videos can be found embedded on other social media, in forum posts, and on websites throughout the world.

Photo sharing sites allow users to upload their photographs or graphic images, to be shared with friends and others. Intended for photographers and graphic artists, some of these sites allow users to license out their photos under a variety of common usage licenses, with attribution, content restrictions, and even for a fee, a portion of which would be retained by the networking company.

However, a website that allows you to upload your video, audio, photographs, or graphic is not necessarily a video and photo sharing network. This would require the inclusion of social network features, such as users rating or commenting on media shared by other users, create or join interest groups, or take part in community discussions.

Like other social networks, media sharing networks often include both free and premium membership levels, with limitations on the number of photos or video that can be uploaded at the free level, or with additional features available to paid members, such as a higher amount of storage space.

Video and photo sharing networks are websites to which registered users can submit media for sharing with others, and which include at least some of the features of a social network.



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