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Organizations, associations, coalitions, collectives, consortiums, foundations, networks, societies, and other groups that advocate for free and open-source software or hardware are the focus of resources listed in this category.

For the most part, these groups are incorporated as non-profits, not-for-profits, or charity organizations, although some of them may be for-profit companies that have chosen to take an active role in promoting or advocating for the free and open-source movement.

Some of the organizations listed in this category are involved in the free software movement, others the open-source movement, while many include both, or what is sometimes known as the free and open-source movement. Organizations involved in free and open-source hardware are included with those whose interests are in software.

For-profit companies whose chief interests involve earning a profit from open-source products will not be included here, although companies which have taken a significant role in advancing the movement may be listed, at the discretion of the directory editor.

Many of the organizations listed here have a worldwide or international presence, while others are national or even regional in scope. Local user groups probably won't be included here unless they take a larger role in the movement, such as sponsoring events that include a larger region.

Many of the organizations represented here have named that may suggest that a narrow focus on one particular piece of open-source software, or a specific industry. However, several organizations that were formed around a specific project, such as Linux, have since expanded their interests to include the wider open-source movement. Besides, Linux is huge in the open-source community, as so many other free and open-source projects are dependent upon the Linux operating system, or its derivatives.

Other project-specific organizations include those who fund or provide other support for particular free or open-source projects. These may include the Linux groups that were mentioned above, as well as the Apache Software Foundation, the Django Software Foundation, Drupal Association, FreeBSD Foundation, the GNOME Foundation, the Mozilla Foundation, and many others.

Others develop and issue the various licenses and certifications associated with the free or open-source movement.

Free and open-source organizations may be involved in advocacy for the movement in several ways, including legal aid. Others are umbrella organizations that host a variety of other projects or groups.

Many of these groups host regional, national, or international conferences annually or more often, as well as offering such services as funding, infrastructure, education, promotion, distribution, and online collaboration in various projects.

Whatever the contribution, organizations that serve a significant role in either the free software movement, the open-source movement, the free and open-source movement, or a similar organized endeavor, are the focus of topics in this category..



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