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Computer organizations and associations are the focus of topics featured in this category.

However, Internet organizations and associations should be listed within the Organizations & Associations subcategory of the Internet section of the directory, and free and open-source organizations and associations should be listed in that section, as these are more specific categories.

A computer organization is an entity made up of multiple people whose mission or purpose relates to computer topics. These may include governmental or non-governmental organizations, international organizations, not-for-profit organizations, and cooperatives. Associations, institutions, societies, movements, coalitions, collectives, and clubs are examples of organizations.

When the mission statement, stated purpose, or goals of the organization relates to computers and computer use, software, or related topics, and a more specific category hasn't been established, then these resources are appropriate for this category.

Computer corporations or companies, however, should be listed in the category or subcategory that relates to their principle products or services.



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