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Print and online publications concentrated on computers and the Internet are the focus of the resources listed in this category.

When the primary focal point of the publication is on computer and Internet technologies, it may be listed in this category despite the fact that some of them might extend their interests into other areas of technology, such as consumer electronics, digital audio, and mobile phones.

Other publications listed here may include those that are targeting a reader audience that is interested in a specific type of computing, such as those for Mac users, retro computers, or web development. However, where there is a more specific category, such as the Publications & Reviews subcategory of Computer & Video Games, the resource should be submitted or listed in the more specific category.

Academic journals relating strongly to computers or the Internet, such as ACM Computing Reviews, a publication of the Association for Computing Machinery, may also be included in this category, as would the publications from various computer societies or organizations.

Books and book publishers who focus on computer and Internet subjects are also on-topic here.

Publications and references covering Internet topics, as the primary subject, such as First Monday and Webuser, are also appropriate for this category. Print publications and online-only publications are suitable for this area.



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