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The focus of this category is on data management software, which includes all disciplines relating to managing computer data resources.

Also known as database management software, data management software is that which takes in data and converts various types of data into a single storage container or aggregates data into a database or other consistent resource. Besides merely taking in data, data management applications often contemplate other long-term goals, such as data security, data integrity, and interactivity. The ability of data management software to handle various queries, and supplying the aggregated data when requested, is an important function of the software.

Data management software is used by businesses to collect, store, and organize their structured and unstructured data, and include a set of tools allowing users to manage, manipulate, and combine data sets from multiple non-relational data sources into an integrated, company-wide database that can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. Significantly, it must also enforce safety standards for business data, helping businesses to make more efficient use of their important data by combining the capabilities for data manipulation, analytics, and reporting.

A database acts as a repository for business data that can be accessed by individuals within the company, teams, or departments. Record changes are simultaneously updated in real-time so that users within the system will have access to the most recent version of the content.

Database management software also provides manual and recurring backups, providing for full data recovery in the event of losses through a natural disaster or human error. Database management software should also be capable of handling thousands of searches, from multiple users, at the same time, providing relevant answers almost instantaneously. Common features include, of course, data management, data retrieval, queries, data replication, data security, and database conversion.

Like other business software, data management software may be available by the purchase of a one-time license or by subscription. Cloud-based deployment of data management software is becoming common today.

Data management software packages are appropriate for this category, as are informational websites focused on the management of business data.



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