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Human resources software can refer to a human resources management system (HRMS), a human resources information system (HRIS), or to any software applications designed to assist in human resource tasks.

Human resource software is used to cover a variety of functions, like storing employee information and attendance records, and managing recruitment processes, payrolls, benefits, and other records. A human resources management system combines and integrates all of these tasks, and may be included as a module in an enterprise resource planning system.

Human resource information systems are used to acquire, store, analyze, and distribute information to various stakeholders in a corporation or company. Early HRIS systems were comparatively narrow in scope, usually focused on one specific task, such as tracking employee overtime or monitoring the efficiency of the company's recruitment program. Such programs are still available and may be included as a resource in this category, but most systems today cover the full range of tasks that are associated with human resource departments.

Software that is intended to assist or store data related to any tasks that are ordinarily assigned to a company's human resource department is considered human resources software, and appropriate for this category. Typically, this includes the retention of staff, hiring, employee orientation, administration, payroll management, human resource planning, recruitment and training, performance management, scheduling, attendance records, leaves and vacations, employee reassignments, grievance handling, analytics, and reporting.

Business software intended to manage all or parts of these tasks will be considered human resources software. However, more comprehensive systems, where HR software is just a module, such as enterprise resource planning systems, should be listed in the more specific category.



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