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Software applications designed specifically for the legal professions are the focus of topics in this category.

Often integrated or part of a suite of applications, these may include applications that assist in the management of a law firm's cases, and maintains records of clients, as well as accounting and billing, legal compliance documents, electronic filing, scheduling, and appointments.

These may be available as a standalone system or as a fully integrated system that includes case management, financial management, document management, and workflow management. Integrated systems include everything as a single package, from a general ledger, to case notes, to paperless case intake, to document auditing. Complete systems may also be available as one system package consisting of several integrated modules, some of which may be optional.

Included, or as a separate package, software for the legal industry may include research packages, usually connecting to subscription-based research services. Legal research software helps law firms find information needed for building cases and drafting documents. Software vendors offer access to searchable databases of legal documents, and may also include analytical tools to assist in interpreting search results. They may also provide access to relevant articles and analysis from newspapers, journals, and other publications, as well as updates on changes in the legal landscape.

Some software includes tools to supplement and interpret the information found in the vendor's database, These might include analysis of public records for locating information on companies, people, assets, and so on. Software tools might also provide infographics showing the relationships between cases relevant to a search, tools to assist in the drafting of legal documents, and analytics pertaining to specific judges, firms, and case types.

Most legal software is subscription-based, although the prices for legal research software varies according to the number of users and the features used. Payments may be according to a monthly subscription plan, pay-as-you-go, per-minute used, or per-document viewed. Additional fees may be charged for documents outside of the scope of a subscription.

Common legal research products include Thomson Reuters Westlaw, Lexis Advance, Lexis Advance Quicklaw, Lexis Search Advantage, Practical Law, Aderant Handshake, Clarion, and Bloomberg Law, although there are others.

The focus of this category is on software designed for use by law firms or other businesses within the legal industries.



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