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The focus of this category is on the software used in manufacturing, not the manufacture of software. Manufacturing software refers to computer applications designed to improve the process of manufacturing a product.

From engineering and planning, through production and quality control, there are software packages that offer tools that business can use to create the best possible product in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Manufacturing software packages are used to streamline product design and configuration, to track and manage product components, automate production scheduling, improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process, and to improve the quality of the finished product.

Manufacturing software can promote tested and proven best practices in production and manufacturing. The applications can make it easier for a manufacturing company to anticipate demand, as well as improving the accuracy of its bill of materials. Through software, companies can better determine the components they will require, and when they will be needed, allowing for a just-in-time manufacturing model that reduces inventory storage and improves cash flow. Manufacturing software can optimize resource utilization, bring about increased throughput, reduce downtime and production delays, decrease overruns, and help to avoid product variations and defects.

There are several types of manufacturing software on the market, most providing a range of integrated features, such as engineering, material requirements, capacity planning, production management, quality control, and cost management.

Also included in this section is computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), also known as computer-aided modeling or computer-aided machining, which refers to the use of software to control the tools used in the manufacturing process. These software resources are included here as a subcategory.

Besides the CAD and CAM software packages, many of the software packages designed to support the manufacturing industries have much in common with the business software used in other industries, and they may range from single-purpose applications to large integrated software suites.

Software designed for manufacturing industries are appropriate for this category, while CAD and CAM applications should be listed in the appropriate subcategory.





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