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Software applications designed for use in the marketing industry are the focus of resources listed in this category.

Of course, every business is engaged in marketing to some extent, since it is the process of creating relationships with prospective clients and satisfying current customers. Although many businesses may employ marketing software in-house, many others will employ marketing agencies, and it is to these agencies that the larger marketing software packages are targeted.

Two major types of marketing are business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing.

In a B2B transaction, a product is sold from one business to another, rather than for consumption. This might involve equipment, component parts, or supplies, raw materials, or processed materials, as well as business services. For example, a manufacturing company that produces steel widgets would, in all probability, purchase the steel and other materials used in the production of its widgets from a steel manufacturing company, and its business offices would be in need of all sorts of office supplies. The process of marketing these materials to the widget company would be considered B2B marketing.

One type of B2B product purchases include producers, like the widget manufacturer above, who use the products sold through B2B marketing to make their own goods. Resellers are another; they buy B2B products to resell them through retail or wholesale establishments. This could be a widget store that buys widgets from the widget manufacturer to resell them to widget consumers. Governments and institutions also purchase B2B products for their use, such as office supplies and the services of various contractors.

B2C marketing involves a business marketing its products to the people who are going to use them. The widget store would market the widgets that it purchased from the widget manufacturing company to people who need widgets.

The type of marketing that most of us are exposed to every day is B2C marketing because we're consumers. B2B marketing is most often done through personal selling, although a B2B seller might see a need to publicly extol the superiority of its product to the public so that potential business clients will be encouraged to buy their product.

For the most part, marketing emphasizes the four chief concerns relating to business decisions: product, price, promotion, and place.

The actual marketing is conducted in a variety of ways, including television and radio commercials, magazine and newspaper ads, online advertising, social media, billboards, transit ads, direct mail advertising, and event sponsorships. For the purpose of categorization here, online and email marketing is covered in our Marketing & Advertising category, which can be found in the Internet section of the Computers & Internet category, or you can simply click the link provided below.

Various types of software are used in different aspects of marketing, and any of these that are designed specifically for marketing purposes are appropriate for this category.

One way in which software is used in marketing is in what is known as marketing automation. This refers to comprehensive software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and marketing companies to effectively market on multiple channels while automating repetitive tasks. It is a platform upon which marketers plan, coordinate, manage, and measure all of their marketing campaigns, online and offline.

Whether a comprehensive software platform of a program intended to deal with one small aspect of marketing, any software designed for marketers and marketing companies is appropriate for this category.


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