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Real estate software, the focus of this category, encompasses a wide range of applications that support the functions of real estate professionals in the real estate industry.

Through the use of software, real estate brokers, agents, and agencies can automate areas of their business that may include the management of real estate assets, brokerages, and properties, as well as real estate marketing. Real estate software can help real estate businesses to maximize their profits, returns on property investments, and reduce the time required to manage real estate assets, while enhancing the visibility of available properties, thus improving customer relationships.

As with other businesses, software is used by the real estate industry to improve customer relationships and optimize business performance.

Facility management software enables facility operations management, tracking, reporting, and planning, while real estate asset management software includes tools that help to maximize returns on physical property investments, and brokerage management software helps users manage all of the areas of a real estate brokerage, including office operations, broker listings, and agent referrals.

Real estate marketing software simplifies the process of marketing the services of a real estate professional, assisting them in leveraging web CMS and search engine optimization. Many of these solutions are designed to integrate with multiple listing services.

Multiple listing software or services (MLS) enable real estate professionals to display property listings in customizable areas, while enhancing search capabilities and the visibility of listings through a variety of sorting functions, while providing descriptions of the property, photos, and other data.

Virtual tour software helps agents and property managers market their properties through online photos and other representations of available homes or commercial spaces.

Real estate CRM software assists real estate professionals in the identification, tracking, and management of their interactions with prospective and current clients. Offering many of the same features as generic CRM systems, they have an added focus on the real estate industry, such as integration with MLS services and real estate transaction management software, as well as custom workflows, referral management, and communication tools.

Asset management software designed for the real estate business can serve residential and commercial real estate investors, managers, and owners, maximizing property values and returns on investments. Included within these applications might be tools for revenue forecasting, market research, and data analysis.

Real estate investment management software, also known as real estate portfolio management software, can handle an array of investment activities related to the industry. Investment management applications are used to conduct research into potential investments, to generate reports, and to maintain compliance with various regulations.

Portfolio management software is used by the real estate industry to maintain and nurture real estate portfolios, assisting with monitoring and delivering information about all aspects of a portfolio, including leasing, finance, and accounting operations.

Other types of software used specifically by the real estate industry may include home inspection software, lease accounting and administration software, property management software, rental payment software, and vacation rental software, activities management software, and others.

Integrated real estate systems may tie any or all of these together, either through modules or integration with third-party applications.

Any software specifically designed for the real estate industry is appropriate for this category.



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