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Project management software is used to plan, organize, and manage resource tools, as well as to develop resource estimates.

Modules may include administration systems, budget management, collaborative software, communication, contract management, cost control, decision-making, documentation, estimation, planning, quality management, resource allocation, time management, and others.

Project management applications may be designed to be installed on PCs or other devices, cloud-based, or browser-based. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) trend began in 2008 and is a common way in which project management software is acquired today.

The term, project management, was not used before 1954 when it was introduced for military purposes, and some of the first project management software was developed for the military.

The first business project management systems were developed in the late 1960s, developed by Oracle, Artemis, and Scitor Corporation. Today, the Agile project management concept has become the most popular, advocating for adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continual improvement, and flexible response to change.

Among the most common project management tools are those to handle scheduling tasks, sequencing project activities, and assigning dates and resources to them. Project planning software is used to provide information to stakeholders and others who need to know. This might include information on how long a task will take to complete, early warnings of any risks to the project, workload information, evidence, historical information on the progress of projects, the utilization of available resources, cost maintenance, and communication and collaboration with members of the team and customers.

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