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The focus of this guide is on educational software made for teaching history or enhancing or reinforcing the memory, discovery, collection, interpretation, and presentation of historical concepts and facts.

Although world and military history are generally the branches that come to mind when one thinks of history, the branches of history also include cultural, diplomatic, economic, environmental, gender, intellectual, social, and universal history.

While websites that focus on the facts of history are listed in other, more appropriate, sections of the directory, those pertaining to the software used to teach history are most appropriate here.

Of course, the software may be online or browser-based. It might be free or available through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. It might be intended for use in a school program of education or for installation on a desktop or mobile device. Whatever the format, software designed to teach history is the focus of the resources listed in this category. This category is for software, however. Websites whose focal point is on history or historical facts, but not on software, should be listed elsewhere, such as our History & Genealogy section.



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