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Software designed to help users learn a new language is the focus of topics in this guide.

This may include software used in an educational setting, such as secondary or college-level foreign language courses, and it may also refer to programs those who want to learn a new language at home, or improve their language skills.

People might decide to learn a new language for a variety of reasons. They might be planning a trip to a foreign country, or perhaps a job requires bilingual abilities. Many people simply want to study a new language for the sake of bettering themselves. Adults who wish to learn a new language will often consider whether to take lessons from an instructor or take group classes from a college or university, but they might also decide whether to invest in a software application. There are several available, and they offer users the advantage of being able to study at home and on their own time.

As with most other types of software, language learning applications are available for use on a PC, Mac, or mobile device, and both commercial and free and open-source options are available. In recent years, web-based language learning programs have risen in popularity, also accessible by a web browser or on mobile devices, often by monthly subscription.

Appropriate resources for this category are language learning software programs, whether for use on a PC or other desktop device, mobile device, or online. These may include programs designed to teach the user to speak or become conversational in the language, to read another language, or to recognize language characters that may be foreign to them, such as Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese.



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