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Mind mapping software allows the user to create a diagram that can be used to visually organize information.

Sometimes known as spider diagrams, mind maps serve as a means of brainstorming thoughts without worrying about order and structure, as these can be adjusted at a later time. A mind map is a way of diagramming concepts, tasks, words, or items, arranging and linking them around a central point, using a graphical representation. A mind map can turn a lot of tedious information into a highly organized diagram that corresponds to how a human brain works. Studies have found that mind mapping can improve learning efficiency up to fifteen percent over traditional note-taking.

A mind map can also function as a simplified content management system (CMS), allowing the user to store data in a central location for the sake of organization.

Mind mapping software is used in educational situations, in notetaking, brainstorming, or as a mnemonic technique for memorization, but they are also used in business planning, programming, and other applications.

Although a mind map can be drawn by hand, or as notes during a classroom lecture, meeting, or planning session, the use of mind mapping software greatly enhances the task. Some mind mapping programs support the attachment of files or graphics. Mind mapping software allows users to organize large amounts of data, which can be integrated or retrieved for use in other applications, such as spreadsheets and other documents, websites, and graphics.

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