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The resources listed in this guide are software applications designed to teach keyboarding or typing or to enhance proficiency.

Prior to the common use of computers, most high schools taught typing, preparing students for a degree of proficiency with a typewriter.

The computer keyboard is not so different from the keys on a typewriter, even to the dominance of the QWERTY format. One major difference is that the computer is equipped to provide feedback, given the appropriate software, something that was not available from a typewriter.

Software applications are available to teach keyboarding in a variety of ways, including the traditional methods of touch typing and interactive lessons that integrate games, trivia, and other methods of keeping students interested and engaged. Software programs intended to teach younger students use different types of methodologies, such as awarding stars and badges as the student's typing progress and skills increase, as well as certificates of completion and other awards.

Such software may be entirely web-based, downloadable, or available on CD, and applications are available for most, if not all operating system platforms.

Whatever the methods used or the platform, any software designed to teach proficiency with a keyboard, or typing, is appropriate for this category.



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