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Software used in the analysis of data is the focus of resources listed in this guide. This may include software designed for a variety of purposes, such as data acquisition, data cleanup, data visualization and graphing, and basic data analysis.

Data acquisition features might allow the user to import data from various sources into a larger application where it can be incorporated into a graph or other form of visualization, and where analysis can be carried out through other integrated tools.

Useful data analysis requires that the data be clean and reliable. Data cleanup software is used to accomplish this purpose, and to sort multiple entries into various categories for accurate tabulation.

Data visualization often uses graphs, pie charts, plots, diagrams, or other forms of visual tools that serve to make the data useful. Visualization tools allow the user to identify patterns and trends, displaying them through graphs, pie charts, or interactive graphical displays. Many applications allow for the combination of multiple graphs for more comprehensive analysis.

Basic data analysis makes use of a distribution platform that allows for the generation of statistical analysis from available data, including interactive histograms, custom summary statistics, and graphs.

Most data analysis tools will include a raw text format that may include interactive commands that allow for the extraction of words and phrases from unstructured texts.

Whatever the features, appropriate resources for this category include software designed for data analysis, which may include graphing and charting.



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