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The focus of this category is on software designed for digital video and film.

There's a lot of video editing software available, from that intended for beginners or occasional users to that designed for professional use, and everything in between. Some of it can be quite expensive or offered only through a software-as-a-service model. Free software can also be found, although most of the free video editors are limited either in features or in the documentation. You might find that the free or inexpensive software is either too basic to meet your demands or too difficult to understand.

A decade or two ago, there was a large learning curve for most of the video editing software on the market but, while that's still true for a lot of it, some of the newer stuff is marketed to beginners, given that more and more people are producing videos at home.

Video editing software is used in post-production. It is the software used to edit digital video sequences on a non-linear editing system, replacing the traditional celluloid film editing tools, as well as linear video editing techniques. Non-linear editing refers to offline editing of audio, video, and images, in which the original content is not modified. Non-linear editing uses specialized software to edit and modify the content.

Video converters are computer programs used to change the format of the video file. This may involve transcoding, which refers to the process of recompressing the video to another format, or it might simply change the container format while leaving the video format as it is. With transcoding between lossy compression formats, there is a loss of quality, and the process is CPU intensive.

Whatever the specific function or functions, software designed for use with digital video or film are appropriate for this category. Resources listed here may serve only one or a few functions, or they might have been created to serve as professional video editors. Whether free and open-source, freeware, or proprietary, the focus of this category is on digital video and film software.



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