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The focus of this category is on software applications designed to assist with color management, as well as for selecting colors or creating color schemes.

Color pickers are used to select and adjust color values. Graphic designers will usually select colors using a software interface with a visual representation of a color, organized with hue, lightness, and saturation dimensions (HLS), as opposed to using the alphanumeric text values representing the color. Because the appearance of a particular color depends on a comparison of surrounding colors, some interfaces clarify the relationships between colors.

There are several different types of software color tools, whose interfaces will vary. They may use sliders, buttons, or text boxes for color values, or they may use direct manipulation.

Direct manipulation generally involves a software interface that uses windows, icons, menus, and a pointing (WIMP) GUI, but the term may also be applied to interfaces for vision-impaired users, through a combination of tactile and sonic devices.

Drag and drop effects, color droppers, and other forms of interfaces may also be used.

Most color pickers will also display the numeric values of the color so that they can be recorded and keyed in later, if necessary.

Color management tools, on the other hand, are designed to help the user select a good match across various color devices. A specific color in one frame of a video should appear the same on a computer LCD monitor as it does on a plasma television screen, or a printed poster. A color used on a web page should look the same when someone accesses the page through Safari as it does when the viewer is using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. While these color management tools cannot guarantee identical color representation, that is the goal.

Any computer software that is designed for color selection or color management is appropriate for this category.



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