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Photo manipulation software is used to change features of a photograph or, in some cases, other types of graphics, such as logos or text graphics.

Images might be manipulated for fun, aesthetics, or to improve the appearance of a subject on a digital photo. Photos might be manipulated to deceive the viewer, as a prank, for propaganda purposes, or other reasons. Sometimes photo manipulation applications are used simply to remove acne or wrinkles from a photo, to remove background objects that distract from the central subject.

Often known as photoshopping, for the Adobe Photoshop product often used to manipulate photos, image manipulation software has eroded trust in photographs. Sayings such as "a photo is worth a thousand words" and "the camera never lies" were generally accepted by the public not so long ago, but photos can't simply be trusted anymore, as even the mainstream media has been guilty of digitally editing photos for various reasons. Up to twenty percent of World Press Photo entries that made it to the penultimate round of the contest were disqualified because of photo manipulation.

Within the glamour industry, photo manipulation is used to alter model's appearances in various ways, such as enhancing the shape of the model's body, skin complexion, or hair color, as well as the removal of blemishes, whitening teeth, and so on.

Not only is software used by the media and other professionals, but several programs have been designed for common usage in social media photos, allowing people to alter photos that they wish to post online.

The focus of this category is on software used to manipulate or enhance photos or other images.



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