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The focus of this guide, photo or image cropping and resizing, are features that are available as part of many image editing programs, but standalone applications often offer additional utilities, such as the ability to handle multiple files at one time.

In computer graphics and digital imaging, image resizing is sometimes referred to as rescaling. With vector graphics, the graphics primitives that make up the image can be scaled through geometric transformations, and without loss of image quality. With raster graphics, however, a new image with a higher or lower number of pixels is generated when the image is scaled; when the number of pixels is decreased, as occurs when reducing the size of the image, there is usually a visible loss in quality.

Various technologies are available, and some image formats can be more successfully scaled than others. Links to software applications designed for photo or image resizing are appropriate for this category. More generalized editors that include features for resizing graphics should be listed in the Image Creation & Editing category or another more specific category, however.

Cropping refers to the removal of unwanted outer layers of photographs or images. Usually, a photo is cropped in order to remove portions of the photo that may distract from its focus, isolating the subject from potentially distracting background images. It may also be used to magnify the primary subject. When cropping is used to trim the top and bottom margins of the photograph, the result resembles a panorama, although a panorama is usually accomplished through special camera designs or configurations, which may be an option in some cameras.

Unless the original photo has been saved, it isn't possible to undo the cropping of an image.

Topics included in this guide refer to software products designed for photo editing or cropping, although the software may be used to crop other graphic images, as well.



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