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The focus of this category is on software designed for use in chemistry, the field of science that deals with matter at or near the atomic scale, matter being the substance of which all physical objects are made.

Chemistry relates to the properties of matter, and to the transformation and interactions between matter and energy, particularly the interaction of one substance with another, such as a chemical reaction, where a substance is transformed into another. Chemists study atoms and collections of atoms, such as molecules, crystals, or metals.

As with many other of the field of science, there are several specialized areas of chemistry that overlap with other science, like biology, geology, or physics.

There are also several branches of chemistry. Although the field of chemistry can be broken down into twenty or thirty parts, its major disciplines are in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and polymer chemistry.

Chemistry has applications in agriculture and food, astrochemistry, biotechnology, chemical engineering, computational chemistry, cheminformatics, crystallography, dyes, pigments, and inks, forensics, nanochemistry, nuclear, oil and petroleum, paint, pigments, and coatings, personal care, textiles, and water.

The focus of this category, however, is not on the science of chemistry itself, but on software that has been designed specifically for chemists. Software that has been created specifically for teaching or learning chemistry would be more appropriately placed in the appropriate Education & Training section, however.



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