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The focus of this category is on tools and utilities created to facilitate the development of software.

In the wider sense, several of the other categories that we have here refer to resources that could be described as software development tools. Programming languages, code editors, scripts, codes, and system software are all tools that can be used for the creation of software. The most appropriate category is the one that is the most specific.

One example of a software development tool that could be placed in this category is integrated development environments (IDEs), which are software applications that provide enhanced facilities for computer programmers. Several IDEs are made to be used with several programming languages. Some IDEs are created to be used with one specific programming language, however. These may be listed here, as well as in the category representing that particular programming language. Other IDEs might be more appropriately placed in a category for code editors.

A programming tool is a software development tool, and a computer program that programmers use to create, debug, maintain, or support other programs and applications. The most basic tools are compilers, interpreters, and source code editors, the latter of which may also be listed in the Text & Code Editors category. Other tools might include debuggers and profilers.

The distinction between a tool and an application isn't entirely clear, but it has something to do with the size or complexity of the software.

Software development tools may be used to translate from human to computer language. These may include such tools as assemblers, compilers, and linkers. Other tools are used to make program information available for humans. The connection between source code written by a programmer and the actual program's behavior can be difficult. For example, to find bugs in a program, a debugger may assist in pointing out questionable or faulty memory accesses of running programs that may otherwise go undetected, resulting in program failures.

When determining which category to submit a site to, choose the one that is the most specific to the function of the tool represented by the site. If a more appropriate category exists, it can be easily moved.


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