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Utility software is that which assists users in controlling or maintaining the operations of their computers, attached devices, or its software, offering features that form an environment conducive to the successful use of application software.

For the most part, utility software supported the computer infrastructure, in contrast to application software, which directly performed tasks to benefit the computer user, but utilities often formed a part of application systems. For example, application programs might include a step that runs a utility to back up the database, or a utility might be used to compress a disk before copying files. Other utility programs protect the computer against viruses.

Most, if not all, operating systems include a set of utility programs that are often considered part of the operating system, but users often install replacement utilities or additional utilities designed to carry out tasks that are beyond the capabilities of the operating system alone.

Utility software is used to configure, optimize, analyze, and maintain the computer, focusing on meeting the needs of the computer rather than the user, except insofar as an efficiently operating computer allows application software to run properly.

Examples of functions performed by utility software include access control, antivirus software, backup services, clipboard management, data compression, data recovery, data synchronization, debugging, defragmentation of file systems, diagnostics, disk cleanup, disk compression, disk partitioning, encryption and decryption of files, file management, network connectivity and configuration, package management, registry cleanup, system monitoring, and many others. Screensavers might also be considered utility software.

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