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Workflow management software refers to computer applications designed for establishing and monitoring the sequence of a defined set of tasks, reducing manual efforts by automating redundant tasks.

Workflow management software is powered by workflow engines that facilitate the creation and modification of the various tasks in the system. The software is designed to provide a well-planned, structured, and centralized approach for the management of business processes, reducing the resources involved in the process, and increasing parallel run tasks, reducing costs and the time involved in completing the task.

A workflow is a planned and repeatable pattern of activity that may involve, as its goal, the transformation of materials, provision of services, or processing information. It may be the work of a person or team, that of an organization of staff, or one or more simple or complex mechanisms. The flow might be a document, service, or product that is being transferred from one step to another.

A workflow management system is a software system for setting up, performing, and monitoring a defined sequence of processes and tasks. Its goals may be to increase productivity, reducing costs, becoming more agile, and improving communications within an organization. These software systems may be process-centric or data-centric, and the workflow may be represented as a graphical map. Many workflow management systems are designed to as to be extensible, allowing external software applications to be integrated to provide support for wide area workflow.

Any software designed for workflow management is appropriate for this category.



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