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Sometimes known as handheld computers, mobile devices are computers small enough to be held in the hand or to be easily carried about.

Mobile computers usually have LCD or OLED flatscreen interfaces with a touchscreen interface, digital buttons, and a digital keyboard, although some models may have physical buttons and a physical keyboard, or both options.

Examples of mobile devices are tablet computers, hybrids, and smartphones.

Tablet computers might be thought of as holding the middle ground between a smartphone and a laptop computer. They tend to be compact versions of a computer.

Some, such as Apple's line of iPad tablets, operate on the same operating system as the iPhone, its line of smartphones. Both the iPad and the iPhone use iOS as their operating system, and applications made for the iPhone are generally available for the iPad, and vice versa. Besides size, the chief difference between the two is that the iPhone has phone capabilities while the iPad does not.

On the other hand, several tablet computers use the Windows 10 operating system, the same a is used in PCs.

However, there are several operating systems powering tablet computers. Besides iOS and Windows 10, operating systems that are commonly seen in tablet computers include the Android OS, a Linux-type system developed by Google. The Kindle Fire tablet computers use Fire OS, which is an Android-based mobile OS produced by Amazon, but without any of Google's default applications.

Being lightweight and easily stored, tablet computers are ideal for those who travel or need to access a computer from remote locations. In recent years, many people have opted to use tablet computers and smartphones in lieu of desktops and laptops.

There are a large number of applications available for most models of tablet computers, ranging from games to office software, graphics packages, and programming tools. Of course, they are also designed for browsing the Internet, accessing social media, email, and video calls. Tablets running Windows 10 can run traditional software.

Hybrids are a cross between laptop computers and tablet computers, and example being the line of Microsoft Surface devices. With detachable keyboards, hybrids can function as laptops, but with the keyboard detached they can be used in tablet mode. Most hybrids are smaller and lighter than laptops, and not as powerful.

Smartphones are a type of mobile phone with computer capabilities, distinguished from earlier mobile phones by their mobile operating systems that support wider software, Internet, mobile broadband, and multimedia functions, including music, video, gaming, and camera operations, as well as voice calls and text messaging. Smartphones utilize touchscreen operations and a virtual keyboard, although some smartphones can be extended with a keyboard, mouse, and larger monitor for more of a traditional computer feel.

Common smartphones include the Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, Motorola Droid, and HTC One, although others are available.

The focus of this category is on any type of mobile computer, including smartphones, tablets, and hybrid devices.



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