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The focus of this category is on informational resources for computer systems and hardware. These may be in the form of print media, such as monthly magazines, as online-only publications, or something else.

Topics might include reviews or guides to computer systems, components, peripherals, and other hardware, or offer information and help to end-users who may be building their own computer systems, such as step-by-step instructions for choosing and installing hardware components, or building a complete system. Publications listed here may also be designed to familiarize users with their computers, perhaps offering histories and profiles of computer manufacturers, particularly in regard to the hardware, as a Publications & References category covers some of the more general computer topics, computer software, and the Internet. Computer gaming publications are listed in a Publications & Reviews subcategory of the Computer & Video Games category.

Available in print or online-only, publications, reviews, and guides to computer systems or computer hardware are the focus of topics listed in this category.



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