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Given that this is a computer and Internet category, the focus is on technical support and help with computer or Internet problems.

Usually shortened to tech support, the reference is to help with problems with a computer hardware or software problem, with networking, or other difficulties that a computer user might encounter. Most companies offer some form of tech support with the services or products they sell, often included in the cost for a limited time, or for an additional fee. Additionally, there are many online resources for tech support, either for a specific product or for a wide range of problems, products, or services.

Tech support can be delivered through a variety of technologies. In some cases, direct questions can be answered through the use of a telephone, SMS, online chat, support forums, email, or even fax. In some cases, the information is provided by an individual, but other sources of tech support may come from a prepared database of answers to common problems, sometimes known as a knowledgebase.

The Internet can be a useful source of information and help, either from business or site staff or from members of a larger community of members of a forum or website. The technology also exists for tech support people to access a user's computer remotely to view and, in some cases, even correct problems that may exist. In most cases, this technology can only be used to correct software problems, although hardware problems can sometimes be diagnosed remotely.

The focus of this category is on technical support and help for Internet or computer problems. Other sources of tech support may be found in categories specific to a product or service. For example, the Apple Computers category may include forums or informational sites relating to Apple products, and our Computer & Video Games category includes subcategories that feature help topics relating to computer and video games.



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