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Biologically-based therapies are those designed to stimulate, enhance, or restore the ability of the body's immune system to fight infection and disease.

Also known as biological therapy, biologic therapy, biotherapy, or immunotherapy, biologically-based therapies are often used to treat various types of cancers and other conditions.

The foundation of biological therapy is based on the concept that individuals can prevent or fight off diseases if their immune systems are strong enough, so the aim of therapy is to build up or reinforce the immune system so that it can be effective. Biological therapy is also. used to safeguard against some of the side effects of conventional treatments.

Although biologically-based therapies are integral to various alternative modalities, biological therapies are also used by hematologists and oncologists in the treatment of cancer and other specialists, including rheumatologists and gastroenterologists. Biological therapy has become an active area of cancer research.

Its use in alternative medicine is the focus of this category.

Biologically-based medicine is also popular as complementary and alternative medicine used by cancer patients to aid in recovery or to alleviate symptoms of chemotherapy.

It is common for biological therapies to use herbs, other plants, or foods to improve health or treat disease or other conditions. Some alternative practitioners use nutritional supplements, like vitamins, minerals, or other compounds, to treat conditions.

Branches of alternative medicine that utilize biologically-based concepts include apitherapy, aromatherapy, biofeedback, botanical therapy, and herbal remedies.

Also known as bee therapy, apitherapy is a natural therapy using honeybee products to produce medicinal or health benefits. Used for centuries, aromatherapy uses aromatic plant extracts and essential oils for therapeutic benefit. Biofeedback techniques utilize electronic devices to determine information about biological functions, which can be used to properly relax, thereby reducing the effects of conditions resulting in headaches, pain, tension, or insomnia. Herbal and botanical remedies are related, but not synonymous. Botanicals are plants or plant parts believed to have therapeutic properties, while herbal remedies are products made from botanicals that are used in the treatment of disease or the maintenance of health.





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