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Pranic healing is another form of alternative medicine that uses the body's energy fields to heal itself.

Like Reiki and some other energy therapies, Pranic healing is designed to correct any imbalance in the lifeforce, restoring health to patients suffering from a disease. It works by correcting and clearing pranic or energy blockages or imbalances. Depleted energy and diseases are removed to make room for fresh new energy.

Although it has its origins in ancient energy healing practices, the modern form of pranic healing was developed by Choa Kok Sui, a scientist, chemical engineer, and teacher, who devised a system to achieve better health, a better quality of life, and a sense of well-being.

According to pranic healing theory, the prana is viewed as a glowing field of light and color surrounding the body, known as an aura. The goal of pranic healing is to treat the aura. Once the aura is healed, the physical body can heal itself using this healthy energy system. Guiding principles are that the physical body can heal itself, and that adding a catalyst into the therapy session can speed up the healing process.

During the process of pranic healing, the practitioner first cleanses the client's aura, using broad, circular hand movements to release negative energy. Once it is determined that the aura is clear, the healer begins the process of transferring new energy to the client.

Long-distance healing is possible, as the practitioner and client can be connected through the energy field of the earth. As energy follows wherever the thoughts are directed, pranic healing techniques can be triggered when the practitioner focuses on the client, regardless of the distance.

There are three major sources of prana. Solar prana comes from sunlight, and can be absorbed through sunbathing or drinking water exposed to sunlight. Air prana is absorbed by breathing and through the chakras or energy centers in our aura. It can also be absorbed through the pores in our skin, although breathing is more effective. Ground prana is found in the soil, and can be absorbed through the chakras in the soles or our feet while walking barefoot.

The chief benefits available through pranic healing are the maintenance of good health and a feeling of well-being, although it has also been used to reduce stress, boost energy, ease physical pain, stimulate inner healing, and treat a wide variety of conditions or symptoms.

Pranic healing is similar to Reiki in many ways, although they differ in others.

The pranic healing method begins with an evaluation of the energy surrounding the client's body. This is done to determine where there is less energy or where there is congestion and focuses on healing the most affected parts. Reiki, on the other hand, relies on the healer's instinct to identify problems throughout the healing process.

Following a pranic evaluation, the practitioner uses a technique known as sweeping to eliminate the blockages and areas of inactive energy, allowing new energy to flow into the body. In Reiki, energy flows out of the palms of the healer and goes directly into the affected areas.

Pranic healers don't touch the body parts or areas that are affected, while Reiki involves touching the affected areas.

Pranic healing can be done from across the room or even from another part of the world, while Reiki cannot be accomplished over long distances.

Pranic healing is generally undertaken as a complementary medical approach, and is even practiced in some hospitals around the world.



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