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This portion of our guide emphasizes alternative or complementary health or medicine periodicals.

Periodicals are regularly published works, each appearing in a new edition. Examples include newspapers, magazines, and journals. Articles in a periodical are generally organized around a single main topic or theme. In most cases, they include the article title, the date of publication, the author's name, and a brief summary. There is usually an editorial section in a periodical where subjects of interest to readers are discussed. Reviews of recently published books and films, columns expressing the author's opinions, and advertisements may also appear.

Periodicals are serial publications. Books series are also serial publications but are not usually referred to as periodicals.

Traditionally, periodicals are published in print form. However, virtual magazines or journals may also be listed here as long as they are the virtual equivalent of a periodical, keeping in mind that some websites referred to as newspapers, magazines, or journals are not arranged in the format of a periodical.

In this section of our guide, alternative or complementary medicine periodicals are featured.

Alternative medicine is defined as any of a variety of medical therapies, techniques, or practices that are not regarded as orthodox by mainstream medicine. In contrast, complementary medicine includes any of a range of medical therapies that fall beyond the scope of conventional medicine but may be used alongside it in the treatment of disease.

Thus, periodicals focusing on any or all of the therapies, techniques, strategies, or practices included within this category or its subcategories, and others that may not yet be listed here, would be appropriate for this section of our guide.



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